luxury villas in mykonos

Premium private villas in Mykonos with pool

Premium private villas in Mykonos with pool

One of AGL Luxury villas in Mykonos with pools, aerial view.

Mykonos has carved a sliver of itself into our collective consciousness as the definitive party island – a veritable adult playground if you will. And if you find the right place to stay and tip-toe over the nightlife, it is also an incredible family destination. Amidst the island’s enchanting allure, AGL Luxury Villas beckons travelers to experience a level of luxury that’s nothing short of divine.

Cascading down along a cliff not far from the bustling town, we have carved out some of the best luxury villas in Mykonos that stand as epitomes of opulence and relaxation, each offering an unrivaled poolside experience packed with luxury amenities and epic vistas from am to pm. If you’re dreaming of idyllic stays on the island of the winds, ours is a collection of premium private villas in Mykonos with pools to consider as the holiday havens for your next getaway. 

Elpida & Daphne villas in Mykonos with pools


Although every one of our villas in Mykonos with pools is an exceptional choice, today we turn the spotlight on two 6-person properties we have handpicked for you, nestled in the cliffside complex of AGL Luxury Villas, close to Mykonos town. As the day transitions to night, the pool areas transform into whatever fits your mood – a romantic oasis, a private party setting or the place for a warm, heartfelt family gathering. 

Soft lighting accentuates the pools’ contours, becoming the stage for unforgettable evenings under the Mykonian stars and the endless Aegean sea as far as the eye can see. Accompanied by some local wine or your favourite champagne or beverage, as you all raise your glasses for a toast, the allure of AGL Luxury Villas in Mykonos with pools is sure to set into your hearts.

Villas Elpida and Daphne redefine luxury by offering not just pools but aquatic sanctuaries where every splash is a celebration of life. It’s a journey where Mykonos’ timeless beauty and AGL Luxury Villas’ commitment to outstanding hospitality merge, inviting you to experience the essence of the island in its purest form.

Villa Elpida – Where hope is a tangible sensation


If you’re into Cycladic architecture, you’ll love Villa Elpida and its minimalist vibes, lodged as it is, high up on a hillside, with sweeping views of the glimmering Aegean Sea. Hard as it may be to peel away from those scintillating vistas, we urge you to turn your attention to the sumptuous infinity pool. Deriving from the equivalent of the Greek word ‘hope’, Elpida promises to to create amazing memories for you and your loved ones.

Upon stepping into your desired of Mykonos villa rentals, you’ll be greeted by an atmosphere of tranquil sophistication. The villa’s whitewashed interiors create a canvas where the Mykonian sun plays with light and shadow. The expansive living area seamlessly merges with the outdoor terrace, blurring the lines between inside and out.

There are three spacious rooms, each with en-suite bathroom, while the master suite, a sanctuary of its own, opens onto a private terrace where you’re greeted each morning by the Aegean’s gentle embrace.

To say that the outside area is what stands out would be an understatement. The infinity pool, a liquid jewel, commands attention as it merges seamlessly with the sea’s horizon. The sun-drenched terrace features plush sun loungers, where guests can soak up the Mediterranean rays or simply savor the hypnotic views.

Villa Daphne – Where inspirational muses come to life


Villa Daphne offers a similar kind of luxury to that of Villa Elpida. While not exactly the same, the differences are there for one to notice. Villa Daphne exudes a tranquil rustic elegance that blends perfectly with its opulence, providing guests with a superb balance of understated sophistication. You’ll find this gem tucked inside a hillside, following the natural curves of the landscape, overlooking the majestic Aegean.

This luxury Mykonos infinity pool villa marries modern design with Cycladic charm. Awash with generous dollops of natural light the high ceilings and chic decor really bring out the true essence of this beguiling property.

Each of the villa’s three bedrooms is a unique haven of calm. The whites and minimal decor feed peace to the soul, while the master suite, opening onto a private terrace, greets you each morning with the sun’s first rays shimmering on the sea.

But it’s the outdoor realm of Villa Daphne that truly enchants. Like a mirage in the desert, the infinity pool blends into the sky and the sea. After a day out discovering the sights and sounds of Mykonos, a generous slice of private swimming pool heaven is ever so fitting.

As you immerse yourself in the crystalline waters of your private pool and gaze as the sun dips into the sea, you’ll discover that Mykonos is more than a destination; it’s an embodiment of luxury. Paradise beckons, and Villa Elpida, Villa Daphne and the rest of the AGL Luxury Villas in Mykonos with pools are the keys to unlock its splendors. These are the pools where dreams are born and memories are made, where every ripple is a symphony of Mykonian bliss.